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Commanding Officer LOC :: Chapter “Raiding Rajouri” is a Mission after Sherdils Strike Enemy Camp and Ghazi Khiljis Raid Rajouri Sector in Indian Occupied Kashmir and clear the route for SSGs & Markhors to Search : Eliminate pockets of Enemy Combatants

Includes : 6 Saariyas Metal Badges , 1 Patch and 1 Locket

Individually you can Buy as Follows

  • Sherdils by Saariya’s Rs.2100
  • Markhor Matt Golden Rs.2100
  • SSG Deathnote Lapel pin Rs.1700
  • Ghazwa e Hind Mubarizun Rs.2150
  • Ghazi Khilji Badge Rs.1900
  • Pak Army Armored Brigade Black Lapel 1700
  • Love Protect Pakistan Patch Rs.1150
  • Markhor Daywatchers Locket 2350

Saariya’s Accessories Patriotically Famous :: Hated by Treachery

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Raids in Rajouri

₨13,350.00 Regular Price
₨11,800.00Sale Price