“Disintegrating Empires"  Markhor KabulSaariya's Markhor Kabul Lapel Pin !Dedicated to All Markhors on Pakistan's Western Front , Protecting Sabz Hilal for Decades , Guerilla WarFare Champions , Digging the Graves of Intruders Pilling up on the Western Fronts of Pakistan. Responsible for Dragging Anti Pakistan Elements in Kabul Regimes . Markhor Kabul have been the Forces Keeping our Western Borders Calm , Brothers in Arms , Warriors of Hindu Kush ! Champions of Khurasaan Yes you can wear it on a waistcoat , Jacket , Cap , Coat or any Attire .Extreme 3D made in Metal Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. 'Unverified legends' from centuries reveal that Markhor defends from bad,evil omen.It was notorious to Hunt down Snakes and Kill them by biting the head off , and this is how it got its name : Mar - Snake , Khor - Eater.Himalayan ancient Tribes used to Keep Markhors in their camps to protect from poisonous snakes.The legendary Goat is still found in Northern Areas of Pakistan.Dedicated to all Markhors - Snake Killers#Markhor #ISI #SnakeKillers #MarkhorSnakeEater#Lapelpins #Souvenirs #Badges #Accessories #Tieclips #Markhor #Haider #ISI #PakistanArmy #Saariyas #