Ghazi Qutbuddin Aibek is Tribute to the Turk Warrior and Lieutinent of Shahabuddin Ghauri , who due to his ummatched Courage Raised to the Ranks of 2nd in Command in Ghauris Army. Aibek was played a Decisive Role in History in the First Battle of Terrain whem he Lifted Ghauri who was severly Injured but still Fighting the Retreat was only to Return a Year Later Destroying Prithivi Raj Chouhan and his 200+ Rajput Ally Clans. Ghuari wed his Daughter to Aibek and Qutbuddin Established what Later was known as First " Delhi Sultanate" Aibek Build todays Qutb Minar on the Ruins of Jain Mandir and is still Feared by Hindu Zionists.
In Current Times Ghazi Aibeks and Warriors from Pakistan Armed Forces & Turks who will Rapid Advance to D