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Be Ready for the Uninvited . Protect your self in the Wild with "Live Fearless" by Saariya's Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pens.Strike back Strike Quick & Reach for Safety

AL KHALID Tactical Pen

Cavalary & Artillery Specialist !

Features : 

Self Defense Yawara Stick made in solid strong Aluminum 

High Quality Writting Capacity 

Emergency Glass Breaker


Alkhalid is named after Mobil Guard Cavalary Unit of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed R.A, This Unit was commanded directly by Sword of Allah R.A and appeared at when and where required bases while always keeping on move.Pakistan Army develped Tank AlKhalid who lives its Name and extremely destructive for Enemy. AlKhalid tank posses high agility and is the backbone of Cavalary unit.


₨5,400.00 Regular Price
₨4,200.00Sale Price